Fourteen Year Old Son

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by: NCNOCO Staff Therapist

I have a fourteen year old son, going into eighth grade this year. He’s actually half-way to fifteen, but you wouldn’t know it based on his appearance. About three quarters of the eighth grade boys have begun making the change from little boys with tooth-pick arms and hairless legs, to young men with developing biceps, hairy legs, and deep, sometimes high pitch voices. Much to my son’s disappointment, he still falls into the category of muscle less and hairless.
I’ll give a brief description of my son up to the ripe age of almost fifteen. Any sport he can participate in he does; and does well. In football he jukes naturally and has scored touchdowns at will, in basketball he has dribbled in and out of defenders with ease, and in soccer he has scissor kicked the ball into the goal. It’s important to take note of the past tense I used to describe my son and his athletic abilities. Although he still possesses these abilities, he is now competing against young men that are twice his size, have testosterone running through their bodies, and have the ability to grow a mustache.
Football season begins about a month from now and my son plans to play for his middle school team. He intends to play with and against these mustached young men, at his whopping weight of 80 pounds! He seems to be totally okay with this and doesn’t see it as a concern whatsoever. I, on the other hand, am quiet frankly freaking out! As you can imagine I have a million concerns running through my mind. The obvious one being; while getting tackled all season, will his 80 pounds of skin and bones get broken?! And then there is the emotional and mental concern that I worry about. Will the fact that he is no longer the “superstar” impact how he feels about himself. Will this cause confusion about who he is or what he’s good at? Will he feel down on himself when it comes to athletics and if so, will this carry over into other areas in his life?
These concerns I have for my son and how they make me worry, are a reminder of how grateful I am that I have neurofeedback as a modality in my life. Although it’s not a cure for the late growth spurt or the worrying mother, it is very helpful in calming my nervous system and in strengthening my son’s brain. With neurofeedback I know, that he will be able to work through the next year or two and come out psychologically “okay”, and healthy.

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