by NCNOCO Staff Therapist

When waking up this morning to a brisk fall breeze and dark cloudy skies, I started to notice my lack of motivation to do my normal morning workout routine. The season is changing, and I could already begin to feel the push I’ll have to give myself in the morning to get bundled up and head outside to begin my workout.  It’s a great way to start my day, and I feel so much better when I do, but my mind is already telling me that I’m going to want to stay snuggled in bed, or drink my hot coffee instead.

Staying motivated is a struggle for many of us. Not just when it comes to exercise, but work tasks, home tasks, personal goals, etc.  It’s important to evaluate what our goals are in life and what we need to do to accomplish them.  The more focused we are on our personal goals, the better we feel and the more we get done in general.  Here are some important steps to follow when making and striving for those goals. They were created by Zig Ziglar, a motivational speaker and author of “Born to Win: Find Your Success Code.”

  1. Identify the Goal – Write a clear description of what you want to achieve.
  1. List the Benefits – Write out what reward, benefit or positive outcome you will achieve when you achieve your goal.
  1. List the Obstacles That Could Get in Your Way – Things like having enough time, limited resources or simply lack of.
  1. List the Skill and Knowledge You Need to Reach Your Goal – Even if it’s information you don’t yet have, write it down, then go to step 5.
  1. Identify the People and Groups to Work With – Don’t be afraid to ask for help, outsource an action item (or a few) and enlist people who can help you reach your goal.
  1. Develop a Plan of Action – Write out each step or task that you’ll need to complete in order to reach your goal as well as how you’ll achieve it.
  1. Set a Deadline – The great thing about actionable goals is there is an end in sight. Set a deadline based on your plan of action and list of obstacles and knowledge required. This means you may need to give yourself more time to complete certain milestones, but do your best to set a firm deadline to give yourself a date to work towards.

Zig Ziglar’s seven steps, give us a great outline to follow when setting goals.  And following these steps make it much easier to follow through and hold ourselves accountable. As the season is changing, take the time to evaluate what you’re going to do for YOU and how you’re going to accomplish it. Take control of your goals now.  Set your expectations high, and tell yourself, tell your brain; that you can and will do it!

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