Peak Performance

Peak Performance Neurofeedback clients are those who seek to enhance their performance in areas where they are already skilled.  Do you consider yourself a high achiever, focused and driven?  All performers, whether it’s in athletics, music, drama or business; are determined to work their hardest to be their best.  In order to be the best “you” at your performance choice, it’s important to work your mind along with working on the physical speed, agility, strength, etc.

Neurofeedback is a cutting-edge technology.  With any type of performance it’s important to not only focus on your “game” but on every aspect of you that effects your game.  Imagine having the ability to ignore the mental chatter, to remain focused and attentive when the pressure is on and to be able to recognize failure and not dwell on it.  Neurofeedback helps to calm your mind, maintain focus, reset after an error and keep from getting “stuck” in a negative spiral.  It assists with improving control over emotions such as anger and frustration as well as reduce any anxiety or nervousness before or during performance.  Neurofeedback has also been shown to improve balance as well as improve timing and control of fine motor skills utilized in a variety of sports, music, drama, dance, etc.

If you are in business, neurofeedback can help you manage stress, improve focus and memory, improve organizational skills and increase mental acuity.

If you are a student or performer, neurofeedback can help relieve performance or test anxiety, increase sustained attention and focus, increase language and math processing, as well as increase memory and recall.

The overall goal of neurofeedback and peak performance, is to eliminate any mental barriers and enhance the skills you already have.  This will lead to achieving your highest potential.

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