The Other Side of Fear



by NCNOCO Staff Therapist

“Everything you want, is on the other side of fear” ~ Jack Confield

Fear is something that everyone has experienced and no one can avoid.  Nelson Mandela said “Fearlessness is stupidity. Courage is not letting that fear defeat you”.  This, coming from someone who some people view as one of the most courageous men of all time.  One whom you would assume had no fear.  It comes as somewhat of a relief that Nelson Mandela, a man of significant strength and courage, can admit that he had fears.  Thankfully, most of us will not need to find courage in the extremes that Mandela did.  But most of us have to find courage in small ways on a daily basis.  It takes courage to try something new, to show up for an interview, to start school, to join a gym, to raise children, to be single, and the list goes on and on.

In his book, Mandela’s Way, Richard Stengall writes; Mandela’s highest praise for someone he considers courageous is, He did very well.”  By that he does not mean that the fellow was a dramatic hero or that he risked his life in a great endeavor, but that, day in and day out, he remained steady under trying circumstances.  That day in and day out, he resisted giving in to fear and anxiety.

All of us are capable of that kind of bravery.  Most of us challenge fear every day, and that takes incredible strength and bravery. So it’s time to give ourselves credit for the courage we have to overcome and conquer the fears in our lives.  Because, Everything you want, is on the other side of fear.

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